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About Us

The Team

Jeff, Fiona, Victoria, Jack, Shelagh, Jordan and Jordan.

When we say #WEAREREFEREES we mean it! The company was started by Paul Alcock in 1985 and went on to become a Premier League referee, Jeff took it over when Lloyds Bank gave Jeff the choice to either continue working for them or find another job!

Currently we have 1 Level 4 and a Level 5 referee and a Contrib Assessor plus two wives of former Football League assistants. This team looks at everything we provide for you – to ensure you can be confident that your kit and equipment will not let you down.

The philosophy behind A&H International

A&H International has been established for 31 years, providing an outstanding service to the world of football referees. We’ve also been running the Referee Academy at Charlton and the London FA Referee training group for 20 years.

Our philosophy is a simple one – making sure you are confident in the kit and equipment you use to “do your job.” We are always pleased to recommend the products we have purchased for you and only offer them if they provide a benefit to you. We also constantly strive to upgrade the quality of the kit and equipment available to you.

Our web site reflects our feeling and beliefs about football referees. It demonstrates our commitment to being the best company for supplying the refereeing community. We think you deserve the best support available in terms of kit and equipment.

Our 100% Guarantee

When you receive your purchase – and before you use it, if you are not totally confident it will do the job it was meant for, or it simply does not fit correctly, then return it, in its original packaging with its labels still attached and we will either refund or replace it.

(The only caveat to that is a double badged shirt).

We personally guarantee everything we supply for at least one full playing season. Assuming you’ve taken reasonable care of your kit and equipment – and so has your washing machine! – you can rely on us to replace it.

Our 100% Risk Free Guarantee does not take the place of your statutory rights.

We make these promises because

We are confident in the quality of all our products. We know you have to be confident in your appearance and in your equipment. We aim to grow our business by you telling your friends and colleagues about us.

We’re proud of the company we keep!